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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shunga Bath and Body Wash

***Slight disclaimer: while this is not an adult product, I personally purchased it from an adult website and will be mentioning that during the review, please proceed accordingly***

That aside, the wonderful people of Shunga have brought you another wonderful product.  Shunga tends to specialize in edible products that promote sexuality as well as sensuality, giving us here, an edible body wash.  While it is indeed edible, it still has a soapy aftertaste.  To me, that means that while I'm not going to actively lick it off myself or my fiance, I don't mind so much if I accidentally get some in my mouth, because I've done that showering.  Don't ask me how, I just have.

What you're getting here is 16 ounces of good, clean, yummy smelling fun.  You can purchase either the Sensual Mint, or the Exotic Fruits.  I've got the Exotic Fruits and I just love it.  To me, it smells a lot like a fruit smoothie, although I can't pinpoint any specific fruit other than bananas.  It lathers as well as just about any "traditional" body wash might, although I've found I have to use close to a half dollar size dollop, as well as a specific squeezing action with my hand while lathering my skin, to get a good lather going.

There's no real need to be worried about getting 'busted' with this either.  Unless the picture on the right is too risque, this bottle should only stick out in your shower because it happens to be pretty big. It has a consistency similar to that of shampoo: stays easily in a cupped hand, but also runs if you tilt your hand on an angle.

It should also last you a long time too, I've been using mine once or twice a week for about 5 months now and as you can see from the picture over on the left, I've still got a whole bunch left in the bottle.

I also wanted to give you the list of ingredients, as those of you with sensitivities or allergies to glycerin, aloe vera, or aspartame might want to not pick this body wash up.

Now while I purchased (and reviewed) mine from EdenFantasys (a really great sex positive community), you can also purchase it directly from Shunga's website, and I'm sure a whole host of other online as well as brick and mortar outlets.

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