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Just so you know, while there will be mention of adult products, I'm not going to go into graphic details about anything. Even still, I realize that not everybody wants to read about adult products, so those will have a disclaimer at the top of each post :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Converse Hi-tops

Ok, this one is probably not all that necessary, but I kinda wanted to write it anyway.  The iconic Chuck Taylors, All Stars, Converse, has been around for ages.  Like, my mom tells me stories about the pair she used to own when she was back in high school.  And she graduated high school in the late 70's.  I didn't get my first pair until right out of high school though.  My second semester of college, I was out trying to find a new pair for my boyfriend at the time, who just manages to destroy his on a regular basis.  I figured it was high time I got myself a pair too.

And I did.  Then a few months later I got another.  Then another after that.  And after that.  And before I knew it, I had managed to somehow collect quite a few pairs.  I've got your standard black (of course), and that's the very first pair I owned.  After about 4 or 5 years of fairly regular use during warmer months, I'm still on my first set of laces, the siding is starting to peel a little bit, and the fabric on the sole on the inside has started to peel, so I can feel it with my toes while I wear that pair, and it drives me crazy! But that's neither here nor there.  Apparently I'm just not all that rough with mine. 

Converse's website lets you customize your own patterns and get great deals on items that are being discontinued, or you can find most of the basic designs in shoe stores like Famous Footwear, Payless, and Journeyz.  Their standard sizing includes US men's and women's, as well as UK and Europe.  Depending on the brand, I normally wear between a 6 and a 7 in US women's.  With Converse's low-tops, I opt for a women's 6 - 6 1/2.  High-tops I always get a 7 just for the extra toe room, but I walk right out of the lower cut ones in the same size.

These shoes are much better worn for fashion and not necessarily everyday wear.  There's really nothing in the way of arch support and they're absolutely horrid in any kind of adverse anything.  If it's chilly outside, you're going to feel it, and if it's wet, you'll feel that too. Either way, everybody should own at least one pair!  

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Couture Collection Bliss

***Disclaimer: This is a review for an adult toy.  There will be mention of adult body parts, the adult website that sent it to me, and all around adult topics.  If you're under 18 or this is something that might make you uncomfortable, please skip this post and move on to the next one***

I'm not new to the world of reviewing sex toys, but this is my first time reviewing one on my blog for the awesome sex shop I definitely trust. But enough with the formalities right now, and onto the toys!

Today I'm giving you a walk-through of the Bliss rechargeable egg bullet from California Exotics. The box it comes in is pretty nice, not very discreet, but still kinda cute.  It's covered in pictures of the whole setup inside the box, as well as descriptions.  When you open it up, you find the charging base (shaped like a heart, how freaking cute!), the rechargeable egg, the remote, and the little 12V battery that operates the remote.  The bottom of the box is actually removable and contains the charger as well as an attachment that makes it US friendly.

So before you can get started, you have to plug the charging cord into the back of the charging base, then plug that into the wall, and drop the egg right into the little dent in the base.  While it's charging, a light on the charging base as well as the single button on the bullet will both glow red.  Once the bullet is charged, its light turns green and you can start playing. 

To start playing, first you have to press and hold the on/off button on the bullet for a few seconds until it turns green.  I couldn't figure this one out on my own, my fiance did. And I even read the poor excuse for an instruction manual! But that's neither here nor there.  Make sure you turn it on before you insert it (if that's what you're going to do), because otherwise you're gonna have to pull it out and start over again.  To bring the bullet out of 'standby mode', just press and hold that same button again until it flashes red.

Once the bullet itself is on, you can start playing with the remote.  Control it yourself, give it to your significant other, or even to some random stranger on the bus! Working it is really easy, just press the on/off button on the remote to start you at the lowest setting, and then the button with the funny symbol on it underneath that to flip through the vibrations.  In total there are 7 different vibrations: low, medium, high, escalation, pulsing, faster pulsing, and an escalating pulse.  You can cycle all the way through each level multiple times without turning the vibrations off, and if you hit the off button and turn it back on, you'll be right back at the beginning each time. The vibrations themselves are on the higher side of medium pitched and feel more surfacey than rumbly, but are still nice all the same. Even on the highest vibration level it's still pretty quiet.  A little louder than a cell phone, but closing the door and getting under the covers will definitely hide the noise. 

The bullet, the remote, and the base are all made of the same really nice velvety plastic. The bullet itself is pretty hefty in size, but not weight, coming in at about 2 1/2" long and about 5" around at its widest.  It's smooth to the touch and has virtually no drag to it whatsoever. Since it's plastic, it's safe for your body and you can use any water based or silicone based lube you want, and since it's waterproof, you can wear it, use it in the shower or tub, and cleaning is a breeze.  Just wash in the sink with your favorite toy cleaner, or some antibacterial soap.  Make sure to clean that 4" long retrieval cord pretty well too, since it's made of a nylon-type string and can absorb fluids and things like that.  Try not to get the remote wet, since that's not waterproof at all. As for storing it goes, you can feel free to keep the whole thing in a nightstand drawer if you want.  You're going to have to try to do any real damage to anything here.

There's a few different ways you can use this bullet.  You can use it for the stimulation and teasing of the clitoris, nipples, or any other erogenous zone.  You can insert it vaginally and wear it out and about, vibrating away for pleasure, or even to remind you to do your kegels.  Or you can use it as a little massage aid. The vibrations lend themselves quite well to the production of "itchy fingers" so keep that in mind as well.  No matter how you choose to use it, you should avoid trying to put it in your butt, for any reason.  Since there's no flared base, it could easily get sucked in and you really don't want to have to explain that to a doctor.

A huge thank you to EdenFantasys for sending this to me to review.  If you'd like to give this amazing rechargeable and wireless egg a try, hop on over to Eden and buy it today! And if you use the code EW4 at the checkout, you can save 15% off your entire order.  Happy shopping!

product picture
Egg by California Exotic
Material: PU coated plastic
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.