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Friday, November 12, 2010

Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner

Seriously unstoppable.  Maybelline advertises that it won't smudge at all, but it does a little bit. However, unless you're rubbing on it during the day, it will last the entire day, and into the night. I mean, if you don't take it off at night, it's still there in the morning.  Bleeds a little bit if worn in the shower, but nothing a skilled swipe with a Q-tip can't handle.

This eyeliner comes in black, brown, green, and blue.  I've got the black, and my only complaint with it is that it's a bit fragile.  I'm on my second in as many months, because the first broke and I didn't realize how much more there was, so I pitched it and bought another. 

I was surprised at how much there actually is to be able to twist out, even after this one broke too (I think I just have a bad habit of dropping them or something), there was still an inch and a half or so of eyeliner left.  Much more than I've seen brand new from other brands that don't work as well or last half as long.

It's creamy texture goes on nice and smoothly and doesn't 'skip'.  While the back of the packaging seems to indicate that by twisting the eyeliner out of the applicator you'll get a fine point every time.  As you can see by the picture here, that's obviously not the case.  However the edge will still allow you to get a pretty clean and fine line.  You won't get the precision of something like a liquid liner, but you're also not waiting 15 minutes for it to dry so you can open your eyes again.

It's available at all sorts of different retailers, both online and brick and mortar, in the cosmetics section.  I've purchased mine at both Walgreens and Mariano's (a local store), but the internet seems to indicate that you can even buy it at Walmart if you so choose.  It's about $6.99 at Walgreens, but for all the product you're getting and how well it works, I really don't feel bad about having spent the money.

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