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Friday, November 12, 2010

Almay Makeup Remover

Ok, I'll admit, I'm horrible at remembering to remove my makeup.  I fully admit that I sleep in it just about every night, although in my defense, I really only wear eyeliner and the occasional eye shadow.  But I've still been able to use this many times to remove even a few weeks of built up eyeliner. 

Almay has a few different versions of makeup remover, and I chose this one because it's oil free.  Anybody ever try the ones that aren't? Better remove your makeup before taking a shower or washing your face, because that's about the only way you're gonna get that awful residue off.  Well you don't have that problem with this one.  Sure you can't wipe your eye down and expect to put fresh makeup on it again right away, but if you wipe it dry with a Kleenex and wait a few minutes, you can, which is really nice if you messed something up and need to be able to redo it.

In addition to being oil free, the formula that they use is also very nourishing, at least to those who don't have any allergies or sensitivities to aloe, cucumber, or green tea.  The jar makes the claim of being hypoallergenic, but a select few might still have problems.

The pads themselves are pretty decently sized, easily enough to take care of one eye, or even both if your makeup is fairly light.  As you can see to the left, they're pretty thin too.  What's nice about that is that you can use up one side, fold it in half, then keep using it.

I know now you're really curious to see just how well it actually works.  Well, it takes care of just about everything.  Over there on the right, from top to bottom, I have my Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner, a shade of eyeliner from Mary Kay, the second black smudge and the brownish one underneath are both the same cream based eyeshadow that I've managed to get to stay flawless for a few days, so I wanted to show that here too, and the silver is part of a cheap eyeshadow kit I picked up from Walgreens.  It lasts pretty well, a day or two if you don't rub much.

Curious to see what happened? Well over there on the left is an after picture.  You can see that it took care of the regular eyeshadows with no problem whatsoever.  The eyeliner didn't take much work to get off.  But that cream based eyeshadow took work.  I had to scrub to get it off.  But wouldn't you know, I managed to get most of it!

And I even managed to get the rest of it off all by using just one pad.  So unless your entire makeup collection consists of the heaviest duty makeup you can find, you shouldn't have a problem using this either.

I looked around on the internet to see if I could see where all it was sold.  I know I've purchased it from Walmart, but based on the pricing I saw on the internet for it from Walmart, that was a bad idea.  You should also be able to find it at Target and a few other brick and mortar stores.  If not, you can definitely get it from Amazon for just over $5. 

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